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The first decision you must make is whether you want to take drugs or have therapy. The NHS provides the former, and the latter is only available privately, either from National Stop Smoking Centres or independent therapists. If you have already tried drug products without success, then you will obviously choose therapy. I4 you haven’t, you might well want to do so to save money.

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When you become addicted to nicotine, you also become psychologically dependent on smoking to get a fix. Resolving this dependence can overcome the addiction, and this is what hypnotherapy does very well.

Acupuncture relieves the addiction itself – the physical need for nicotine. Even if you think your problem is just the habit, without the need for a fix the habit will simply stop.

This is a group workshop based around Allen Carr’s book. It brainwashes you into believing you are not addicted.

These work on the theory that if you get your nicotine without having to smoke, you will break the habit of lighting cigarettes. If you believe smoking is just a habit, NRPs are designed for you.

Mainly Champix, although some Zyban is still prescribed. These are drugs of last resort because of the serious side effects. Psychotropic means they alter your brain chemistry.

These are actually another nicotine replacement product, the theory being that smoking nicotine without the other chemicals in cigarettes is less harmful. Whether they are useful in smoking cessation is unproven.


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