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1. Understand why you can't stop smoking

If you don’t know why you can’t stop, taking nicotine or some other drug or paying for therapy is likely to prove disappointing. If you can’t be bothered to do a little self-analysis, you are likely to fail.

2. Understand your fears

Everyone is afraid to stop smoking. You are afraid to try it in case you fail (which is called fear of failure) and you are also afraid in case you succeed (fear of success). These fears cause you to sabotage any attempt to stop. If you understand these fears, and accept them, you will then find a way to overcome them. If you don’t think they apply to you, you are probably wrong.

3. Stop doing what you know doesn't work

Once you know the real reason why you keep failing, stop trying to stop with the methods you have used and failed with, because they don’t work for you. For example, if taking nicotine doesn’t help you to stop smoking, taking nicotine some other way isn’t likely to help you stop smoking either.

4. Find the right method for you

Now you know why you can’t stop, and you are no longer wasting time doing the wrong thing, do some more research and find the method that solves the problem you now understand. One small extra tip here – if you know someone who succeeded with hypnotherapy, for example, that doesn’t necessarily signify it is the right therapy for you (but of course it might be).

5. Find the right therapist

The Web is full of people promising they can stop you smoking, and they are all lying, because no-one can stop you smoking. What they CAN do is to help you to stop smoking. If you are thinking about making an appointment to see a therapist, remember these tips:

  • More expensive does not mean better.
  • Check the qualifications of independent therapists.
  • If they claim a success rate, only give them your money if they can prove it.
  • Money-back guarantees are generally a bad idea.
6. Address what you eat and drink

Most smokers think that when they try to stop they are going to gain weight. You might, but you might not, and anyway it’s not a simple matter so read about it in a good book. Learn and understand about sugar, proteins and why you mustn’t eat tomatoes when you stop smoking. Do these things and you will greatly increase your chance of success.

7. Plan a strategy for staying stopped

For many people, stopping smoking is actually about staying stopped. If you are about to have, say, hypnotherapy to stop smoking, before you do so ask yourself, and your therapist, what strategy you, and they, are going to put in place for the almost inevitable stresses that will come up, and the equally inevitable thoughts about smoking that will challenge you in the future.

This also applies to your GP or nurse, if they are helping you with NHS drug products. Insist, when you talk to them about your stopping plan, that it includes a strategy for staying stopped.

Failure to do this is going to greatly increase the chance that you will start smoking again.

8. Give it time

Stopping smoking successfully more often than not involves a number of failed attempts first. This is not necessarily because you were doing it wrong. It might be that you have to learn from your failures. Therefore do not become despondent if you fail, but ask yourself why, and fix the problem. Stopping smoking is not an event, it is a process. Think of it like this and you will succeed in time.

9. Demand support

If you have another smoker in your household, you have a right to insist that they support you in this. If you are afraid to ask for this support, you are probably going to fail. This applies to your friends and colleagues as well. Don’t be shy about asking for people’s help. They are likely to respect you for it.

10. Read them again ......

What does this mean? It means:

  • Not going to parties or drinking other than moderately until you have succeeded
  • Using this website fully, and/or reading a good book first. In other words – PREPARE
  • If you are stopping with the help of your doctor, or a private therapist, help them to help you by learning how to stop smoking, with the information on the website and the resources we detail as well.

And here is some more useful information.